Red Tent Tours is a concept, not a business.  I put the idea together about 14 years ago.  The tours are focused on women: travelling with other women, seeing a country from a woman’s point of view and creating opportunities to meet local women and support women’s empowerment projects.  More than a tour, this is an adventure for a small group of travellers.  

I am thrilled to present you with a tour that is rich in cultural, historical, gastronomic and traditional experiences

Get ready to tour India with other women and have an experience like no other!



After 35 years of teaching, I entered into a new venture. From the time I graduated university and strapped on a knapsack, I’ve been on the move whenever possible. Having been to Israel more than 25 times, I personally planned an itinerary, and sought out the professionals to bring it all together.  That was how Red Tent Tours began over 10 years ago.  More recently, the tours expanded to India.  My first visit was more than 40 years ago and I am just as excited by every visit. I am thrilled to present you with a tour that is geared to women like me who want to encounter new, stimulating and eye-opening experiences.